Mark Gale

Mark Gale

"I love a sense of light, identifying the time of day/season, depth/distance and harmony in a landscape painting"

Born in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1955,  Mark's parents moved often living in Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. Summers spent on his grandfathers farm and camping trips to Colorado reinforced Marks love for the landscape and mountains.

In 1985 Mark and  family moved to Wyoming for its vast, majestic terrain, and wide open spaces. Since 1990 he  has lived and painted in Dubois, Wyoming a small town on highway 287; the southeast access to Grand Teton and Yellowstone national Parks. Mankind needs beauty, order,  drama, and the aesthetics seen in the Creation. Marks goal as a painter isn't to copy the infinite detail of nature, but simplify and capture the essence of light, season, depth, and color harmony that nature reveals.


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