Scott Christensen

Snake River
10 x 12 in (25.40 x 30.48 cm)
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Scott Christensen, born in 1962, grew up in Lander , Wyoming. He recognized nature his muse, as he reached college age. A serious injury in college football left him unable to compete, but he found solace in fly fishing and other areas. An ardent desire to experience nature became his formula for success! His paintings, most which begin as plein air, afe finished at his easel in his studio. Those paintings now end up in the best of galleries and invitational only museum shows. Current prices run in the neighborhood of: 10 x 10 = $2,500 18 x 20 = $7,500 16 x 24 = $7, 800 24 x 36 = $12,500 40 x 60 = $25,000.
Snake River by Scott Christensen

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