Angela Mia

Pivotal Moment with Fox - 1/2 Life Size (/35)
27 x 19 x 13 in
Price on Request
A 10-year-old girl looks back over her shoulder at her childhood as she moves forward on her life path. Her companion young fox reflects her alert observation and intelligence. Pivotal Moment with Fox, an original elegant bronze figurative sculpture by Angela Mia De La Vega, was created in collaboration with respected wild-life sculptor Tammy Bality.

A lovely recent note from J.K. in the Bay Area: "This sculpture, as well as the remarkable Vigor, depicts strength of character that I strive to cultivate. I think this one resonates with the part of me that has finally grown into a strong enough woman, the one who looks ahead to the possibilities, setting aside anxiety and insecurity and continuing ahead into the unknown. She represents to me strength of character, independence, and perseverance. She is shadowed by fear, and she doesn’t let it dictate her path. What is most inspiring to me about her is that she is strong not despite but because of the past. I love that she can acknowledge what is behind her and still move ahead with purpose."