Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1841-1919

Femme Nue Assise, 1906
7.25 x 5.50 in
Soft ground etching on laid paper with large margins with the Van Gelder Zone watermark. Printed in sepia. One of eight original etchings from he edition printed in Theodore Duret's Impressionisten, published by B. Cassirer, Berlin, 1909 (a small number of impressions were also printed in sanguine on Japan paper for the deluxe edition). From the first and only state. In soft ground etching the lines look like pencil or crayon lines, and are made by drawing on a. piece of paper that covers a soft wax coating on the plate. When the paper is Clifton off, it removes the wax where the pencil was pressed. Some wax will remain in the pattern of the paper grain, picking up the texture of the paper. Papers with a pronounced tooth or weave will leave the pattern of the weave on the final image.